why are fuckboys talkin shit about Yrel, she saved Durochan then popped wings and made Blackhand scream like a lil baby,  what’s not to love?


please make the steel ball run anime happen before i die ok thanks #jjba


hey, if you’re a mutual don’t ignore this

stop reblogging reposts of artist’s works. stop reblogging reprints from pixiv, drawr, twitter, etc. regardless of whether there is a source or not. not all artists want their artwork to be shared in public without their knowledge. it can range from many different reasons: they may be anxious that you can be making fun of them, anxious that you may be making a profit out of their art. it may be because it is just plain disrespectful or they may be shy about it.

if you asked permission to post, put that in the description with proof. if they stated on their pixiv or other site that it is okay to repost then put that in the description. heck, even try to find the artist’s tumblr if they have one!

stop reposting, stop reblogging reposts and start reblogging from the artist’s tumblr instead to show respect. ask permission to repost to show respect. artists have deleted their pixivs, drawrs, specific pieces of their artwork because of reposts. don’t let this continue happening.

There is a lot of thunder; ;;;; the power went out
And im crying; ;



someone on the WoW beta manage to trigger a bug which filled his base with an infinite number of respawning skeletons, which followed him to the graveyard when he died and won’t go away even after he’s been killed repeatedly, abandoned the quest which summoned them, and logged out and back in again, so he’s trapped as a corpse until it is fixed


world of warcraft finally replaced with superior game “infinite skeleton hell”


A completely serious soundtrack to Siege of Orgrimmar in commemoration of its first birthday. I want to get off Mr. Hellscream’s wild ride
Immerseus // SPLASH FREE (50% OFF cover) - 50% OFF!stop standing on the tank platforms
The Fallen Protectors // PonPonPon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyuwhat’s the kill order again
Norushen // Dinosaur Laser Fight - Ninja Sex Partydon’t stand in the fucking laser
Zaela & Galakras // Itty Bitty Piggy - Nicki Minajwho’s tanking towers
Iron Juggernaut // Captain Jack (Peace Camp Mix) - Captain Jackcould u be craving my jugjuggies
Dark Shamans // Ready to Die - Andrew WK[10 minute track of the tanks screaming]
General Nazgrim // Under Pressure - Queen feat. David BowieWHY ARE THERE TEN RAVAGERS
Malkorok // Start Wearing Purple - Gorgol Bordellodid anyone see where that arcing smash hit
Spoils of Pandaria // Kataslami Damacy (Quad City DJs vs Yu Miyake) - Misha Dashwe don’t have enough people on this side
Thok the Bloodthirsty // Thomas the Tank Engine (GoatStep Remix) by GoatStepCHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKER
Siegecrafter Blackfuse // Danger! (High Voltage) - Electric Sixwho’s been drawing dicks with the laser
Klaxxi Paragons // I Can’t Decide - Scissor SistersI’m a yellow square what does that mean
Garrosh Hellscream // Dearly Beloved Power (Kingdom Hearts vs Kanye West) - Botanic Sagehow did we all get mindcontrolled
A New Warchief // Super Hey Ya (Outkast Remix) - Lemon Demonhappy birthday shitbaby
listen to it here.


Imagine your OTP having a long-awaited reunion after not seeing each other for several years.


if N’s castle is now in smash bros, they should also put N in smash bros. he has no attacks and can only cry and tell people to stop fighting

(Fuente: kamukura1zuru)


ive spoken about this before i think but i always find it really weird how there are such large portions of like… general fandom on tumblr prides itself on being really, really, good at thinking critically about fictional media, especially through a social/political lens… but then will turn around and act like there’s no crime worse than testing the internal limits set up by that media and that anyone who ‘violates’ whatever canon code a work has needs to be banned from participating in that fandom and it’s really silly and contradictory. how do u criticize the flaws of a work and at the same time act like the very cause of those flaws is sacrosanct and cant be Blatantly Contradicted ever, even in cases where the canon in question… really needs to be contradicted, because canon does not write itself and often has all of the same biases as its creator. & its not like i’m describing two different camps as if theyre all the same people - ive seen people be like “well i KNOW the canon/lore/writing/etc is ~problematic~ but that’s NO excuse for having headcanons that completely disregard it!!” and like. why. why is that no excuse? why is it more excusable for a work to be openly misogynistic or racist or transphobic or otherwise bigoted than it is for someone to consciously try to overwrite those aspects of a work that they otherwise enjoy? how does that even make sense on a basic level
basically what im saying is please chill the fuck out about perceived slights against imaginary and more often than not heavily flawed canons for the sole reason that they’re inaccurate, it’s really not worth the energy and is just generally unpleasant and unproductive for everyone involved u absolute pedantic nerds


the fact that I can’t grow horns is really cramping my style

Artist: Shihoko Hirata
Track: "Next Chance to Move On"
Artist: Arden Cho
Track: "Let Her Go"


Gotta blame xekstrin for this one. Based on her post 

there IT IS……… THERE IT IS……